Studio Style Portraits in the Office or Workplace

Need great studio style portraits…? You have come to the right place!

Convenient, Easy, Hassle-Free and Fast

As an alternative to environmental style portraits, you can opt for studio style headshot portraits instead. This style offers you a more formal kind of portrait. I can also do this in your office or workplace. How? Its very easy and very simple. I can set up my mini portrait studio using a formal background and more powerful flash lighting using light boxes and umbrellas. Everything I need to take these photographs are packed into three small bags and can be fully assembled and ready to go in around 45 minutes.

Everybody needs great, high quality, creative headshots & portraits. They are ideal for business and personal uses. People really love to do work with businesses they like and trust. Therefore, putting faces to names is a really great way to build long lasting relationships with business partners. After all, people are the business and making your team look great makes your business look great. For you, this means that a great headshot is the first step. For personal purposes, headshots for social media profiles is another winning way to get yourself noticed. If you haven’t, perhaps you should consider having professional photographs taken. This is something I can really help you with.

I have worked with people from all backgrounds and professions; the goal of my photography being always the same. That is to create a business-like headshot that conveys a friendly, approachable and professional portrait. I  believe a good corporate headshot says a lot about the person. I will therefore tailor my photographs of you empathetically and appropriately. For example, a CEO of a large FTSE 100 company will want to appear business-like yet approachable. On the other hand, a Therapist would want to appear empathetic and welcoming.

My aim is always to put my clients at ease; make them relaxed and enjoy being photographed. You can choose from Environmental style headshots or Studio Style Portraits either in your office or workplace. The service you choose will be tailor made to be easy and convenient for you. Its what I do.

I am based close to Reading and within easy reach of all the towns in the lower Thames Valley. For your added convenience, I am also just an hour from central London, Oxford, Birmingham & Bristol. You will find my service cost-effective, simple and easy with a quick turnaround. It is also convenient and attractively priced.