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Head Shot Photography for Industry, Advertising & Business to Business in Reading, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.

Everybody needs great, high quality, creative head shots and portrait photographs for both business and personal purposes. For businesses, individual team and group shots are a really effective way of presenting their company to their clients. People prefer to do business with businesses who they like and trust. Putting faces to names is a really effective way to build long lasting relationship with business partners. After all, people are the business and a great head shot is the first step. For personal purposes, you may be considering having professional photographs taken of you for your Linked In or other social media profiles. Either way, Silver Cloud Photography is a cost effective, convenient solution designed to meet your needs perfectly. During my long career working in corporate head shot photography, I have worked with people from all backgrounds and professions, but the goal is always the same: create a business-like head shot that conveys a friendly, approachable and above all, likeable appearance, whilst also maintaining an air of professionalism and expertise. I sincerely believe a good corporate head shot says a lot about the person being photographed. I therefore tailor my corporate head shot photography style to suit his or her profession. For example, a CEO of a large FTSE 100 company will want to appear business-like yet approachable whilst a Therapist may want to appear empathetic and welcoming. My aim is always to put my clients at ease; make them relaxed and enjoy being photographed. I offer several different types and styles of heat Shot Photography – tailor made to be easy and convenient for my clients. Based in Wargrave just 3 miles from Henley-on-Thames, 5 miles from Maidenhead and just an hour from central London, Oxford, Bracknell, Windsor and Basingstoke, I am ideally located to reach a large area of the south and south east of England easily and quickly. Cost effective, simple and easy with a quick turnaround, I am able to offer a very convenient, attractively priced service. Please contact me for a quote by emailing me at duncan@silvercloudphotography.co.uk or calling me during office hours on 07917717567.

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Portrait Photography Studio Style in Your Office or Workplace

I can also quickly and easily set up a mobile corporate headshot photography studio in your own office! All of my equipment can fit into 3 medium sized bags and takes no longer than 30 minutes to set up. Most of my corporate headshot photography work is in Reading, London and throughout the South East of England. Alternatively, I do offer studio portrait sessions at my Reading base. I offer a choice of 3 types of portrait studio photography backdrops: Dark Backdrop Presents a traditional look conveying authority and competence. Particularly good for the business, financial and legal sectors as well as for Social Media Profiles such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Light Backdrop Easy to integrate on white background media such as websites or print. This style offers a bright and contemporary look. Looks particularly great in black and white as well. Grey Backdrop A very versatile choice, Grey Backdrops are very flattering when it comes to complimenting most skin tones and hair colours. It projects a neutral professional look. Similar to Light Backdrops, they are also perfect for websites and LinkedIn profiles.